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Commercial Builders, Inc. Welcomes New Superintendent, Dave Murphy!

Dave Murphy

Commercial Builders, Inc. is proud to announce and welcome Dave Murphy to our team as a Project Superintendent! Dave is a highly skilled industry professional with 32+ years of experience. He is a great addition to CBI and we are thrilled to have him with us. Welcome to the team Dave!

Building Relationships

In a recent post from Miles Kohrman on Fast two executives of top companies share their opinions on how the tech age has revolutionized the way we communicate with business partners. The article, titled: Go Beyond Broadband to Build Truly Strong Business Relationships  brings up an interesting factor in building business relationships that is easily overlooked. With the constant technological advancements in today’s society, the method for maintaining solid professional relationships has changed. We are no longer required to meet clients face-to-face or via telephone in order to connect. The abundance of digital outlets for networking and communication make it easy for us to interact without being (physically) present. In many ways, this is extremely positive for a business because no matter where you are you can be reached. Going out to meet a client can take two hours from your day whereas emails back and forth save time and allow you to accomplish several tasks at once. Of course, there is a downside to the new-found communication tactics. In his article, Kohrman interviews CEO Troy Carter of Atom Factory who points out that the digital age has caused many to become too “tech dependent.” He says: “With a lot of the younger executives that come through, the relationships are almost transactional”. “Being able to spend that time–knowing about their kids, knowing about their spouse, and knowing where they vacation–a lot of those personal things, I think it adds value to the business relationship.” I would agree that although we are all “connected” through the internet, a lot of people begin to feel disconnected from business partners and colleagues with the lack of face-to face meetings. When it comes to maintaining strong relationships and connections, many find that they benefit from engaging in frequent “unplugged” conversation. At the end of the article, Kohrman writes that the “easiest way to restore fading relationships and strengthen them in the future is to find a balance between both worlds and be intentional in your use of technology.”   At Commercial Builders, we continue to take part in face-to-face interaction with clients, colleagues, and partners despite the digital age. We feel that it is important take time to catch up with people in a tech-free environment in order to build and maintain meaningful business relationships.

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General Contractors You Can Rely On

Commercial Builders, Inc. is a premier San Diego based general contractor offering tenant improvements, general construction, special projects, and other general contracting services to clients across Southern California. We put expertise behind our high quality projects, and bring a combined 100 years of experience in the industry to the table while working for you. When you choose CBI as your general contractor, you are choosing to benefit from decades of industry insight and relationships and an unrelenting focus on client service, all of which allow us to deliver superior results and exceed your expectations for your project.

Why not let our results speak for themselves? Few construction companies can tell you their team members have accomplished over five million square feet of tenant improvements and general construction. We have. Commercial Builders, Inc. is able to provide the structure and discipline of a large corporation without losing the responsiveness and quick decision making that is necessary in the tenant improvement and general construction market. We are proud to earn the loyalty of our clients and look forward to showing you why we’re Southern California’s general contractor of choice.